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Jovanović voće doo

Jovanović voće d.o.o.
Ostružanski put bb, 14253 Osečina,
tel. +381 63 251 899, +381 65 88 95 970

Private company Jovanović voce doo from Osecina was founded in 18.09.2009. years. The company is engaged in the production, purchase and processing of dried prunes.

For centuries it is known that Osecina fruits are high-quality thanks to its naturally healthy conditions, cleanliness of soil, air and water.

Osečnina's region is one of the most developed areas in Serbia for the production of dried prunes, raspberries and blackberries. Jovanovic voce is known for exporting dried prunes all over the world, especially on the Russian market. Company Jovanovic voce always guarantees high quality to its customers.


Did you know that dried prunes are at the top of the scale according to the number of healthy antioxidants and that they are far ahead of the rest of the fruit? Read more interesting facts

Our products

Dried prunes

Dried prunes are irresistible candies that contain several antioxidants. Especially rich in potassium, fiber, vitamin Ka, magnesium and iron.

Pitted prunes – 200 gr

This package is great on a work desk, in a car, a bag or a rucksack - wherever you need a fast and healthy dessert.

Prunes packed – 200 gr

Dried prune of this company is more than ordinary dried plum, it is produced from domestic plums, individually selected with irresistible flavors.

Dried prunes

They have a lot of phenols, and they are also significant in their laxative effect, which can be used in cases of obstipation, both in the younger and the elderly.