Jovanović voće doo
Jovanović voće doo



Private company Jovanovic voce doo from Osecina is engaged in the production, purchase and processing of dried prunes.

Plum drying is one of the oldest conservation and storage technology.
The technical procedure for the production of dried plums includes the following technological operations: inspection → washing → inspection → grading → putting on tape → drying..
Preparation for drying fruits without stones is similar to the preparation of fruits for "standard" plum drying. The difference is in an additional operation to remove pit from the plum, as well as a later hand inspection to remove pits and significantly damaged fruits.
There are two types of dried plums: plums obtained by extraction of the stem after drying and dry plums obtained by drying the fruits to which the stem is extracted in fresh condition. In modern technology both methods of obtaining products have their significance.

In addition to the bulk density, the dried plums should have the appropriate chemical composition as a basic quality criterion. The components of the chemical composition include: the content of sugar, acids and water. The sugar content should not be below 35%, and the acid content, expressed as total acid, is at most 2%. The ratio of sugar and acid forms the taste, which should be sweet-acidic.

Dried prunes of Jovanovic voce doo have a high level of quality.

Stuffed prunes with Stilton


  • 8 prunes, stones removed, split through the centre
  • 50g/2oz Stilton, crumbled

Stuff equal amounts of Stilton into each prune. To serve, place the stuffed prunes onto a serving plate.