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Dried prune

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Dried prune is naturally sweet and has::

Fiber (whole gram per plum)
• Vitamins A, B, C and E
What dried plums don't have is also important:
• They don't have fats
• They don't have sodium
• They don't have cholesterol

Blood sugar

Despite the high content of carbohydrates and sweet taste, dry plums have a low glycemic index that can help those with diabetes.


Dried plums contain potassium, which, together with sodium and chloride, helps maintain the proper electrical balance in the cells and body fluids, and regulates the nerves and muscles.

Cardiovascular health

Dry plums are full of phenolic compounds-the same class of potent antioxidants is found in berries, red wine and green tea-which prevent the oxidation of LDL (harmful) cholesterol, and can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Did you know that you can give mild juice from dried plums to babies to establish normal peristalsis of the bowel and eliminate the appearance of cramps in the stomach? Read more interesting facts

Our products

Dried prunes

Dried prunes are irresistible candies that contain several antioxidants. Especially rich in potassium, fiber, vitamin Ka, magnesium and iron.

Pitted prunes – 200 gr

This package is great on a work desk, in a car, a bag or a rucksack - wherever you need a fast and healthy dessert.

Prunes packed – 500 gr

Dried prune of this company is more than ordinary dried plum, it is produced from domestic plums, individually selected with irresistible flavors.

Suve šljive

They have a lot of phenols, and they are also significant in their laxative effect, which can be used in cases of obstipation, both in the younger and the elderly.